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We have been in this business since 1998 and acquired knowledge and talent since 1942 ! To know more read our entire history:


Our experience help us complete your every demand and find solutions that address the breadth of your needs and Problems


Focus in Narain Homes is not just given to Creating a strong and beautiful "House" for you but also creating a safe Haven that you can call a "Home"

we are the best.

Narain Homes caters to the needs of home owners, architects, architectural firms, home builders, engineers and AEC consultants through an experienced team of architects, design professionals and a Building Unit, who perform their tasks in a coordinated manner, sharing the responsibility of producing good quality drafts, models and buildings. Narain Homes promotes operating cost reduction, optimizing Return on Investment (ROI) and high build quality with a firm motto: “Maximum Value. Achieved.” Our aim is to help build a better future by offering greater quality, efficiency, and cost feasibility to all our projects.