Organic Farms

Organic Farms and Country Hut Development (Real Estate)

Narain Homes has always been closely connected with nature. This is why in recent years we have acquired lands near the countryside. These lands have been converted into structures where comfort meets needs and technology maintains originality.

These combinations are most evident in the country huts, since the purpose of the project was to create a natural haven. The constructions were done keeping in mind certain points:

  • Minimum introduction of foreign/harmful material to the building
  • No waste of space
  • Availability of modern facilities
  • Safety, comfort and necessity

What separates these structures from other farmhouses is that they are not farmhouses; they are farm lands.

Project “Peepal Leaf Orchards” started with idea of building a farm that was both self-sustaining and organic. This little seed slowly grew into a great jungle of ideas, and we finally have the result.

The project is surrounded by a natural stone wall, and includes glorious clusters of trees, roads lit by solar lights, built in rain water harvesting, and a jogging path. Each plot in the project has its own organic farm, orchard of trees, and country hut.

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