Construction Project Management Approach

Our approach is designed to eliminate complications and provide added value at every stage of our projects. Listed below are some of our core steps:

  • Design Coordination
  • Design Review
  • Construction Documentation
  • Project Execution Planning
  1. Project Plan: time, cost and quality checks, and meetings
  2. Client Scope and Role: defining the client’s role and involvement.
  3. Budget and Cost Plan
  • Construction Management Team
  1. Putting together an efficient construction management team.
  2. Resource Allocation
  3. Managing Consultants (architects, HVAC, structural, electrical etc.)
  • Procurement
  1. Vendor selection and management
  2. BOQ’s and Tendering
  • Contract Administration
  1. Vendor Scope Management
  • Project Monitoring, Execution and Control
  1. Resource Monitoring
  2. Quality Control
  3. Progress Tracking
  4. Delivery targets
  5. Reporting
  6. Review Meetings and Project Coordination
  • Cost Control
  1. Structured Payment Process
  2. Monitor Invoices and Vendor Payment Certification
  3. Material Quality, Quantity Survey
  4. Stock Management and Report.
  • Handover and Training
  1. Handover of the Project
  2. Facility Operations Training
  3. Maintenance and Services Overview and Training
  • Social Responsibility
  1. Labor Accommodation, Comfort and Support
  2. Worker Safety Standards