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Narain Homes has had a long association with construction and architecture and has many times spearheaded their advancement. G K Narain Group in 1942, under the guidance of Gur Narain Khanna and Jagat Narain Khanna, were the first to build and run one of the most successful and modern cinemas. In 1980 they shifted their focus to construction. “The tower” standing tall in Bandra, Mumbai, and the shopping complex “Novelty” in Kanpur are just some of the examples of their excellence. In 2016 they were branded as Narain Homes

For decades, Narain Homes has advanced in global business, technology and consulting. Their presence has eliminated geographical and cultural boundaries, helping their clients take major technology initiatives, optimize business processes, and achieve maximum returns on their investments.

Our projects achieve success via comprehensive project management skills and coordinated construction. We maximize our success through a combination of engineering and management experts, methodologies, and certified partners. They cover all phases of a construction project, from planning to building and beyond.

Our key strengths

  • Transforming employees into leaders
  • System-driven and technologically acute
  • Ability to deliver the highest quality, punctually, through a process driven approach

Multi – domain expertise (design, construct, landscapes, Vastu Shastra, feng shui)